Be prepared for a blackout

Imagine life without electricity. Think about the scenarios you may deal with. Think about the different lengths of time you may be without power and keep in mind that your survival will depend upon the preparations and supplies that you have made and stored.

Here are some blackout scenarios that can occur and for which you cannot allow yourself being unprepared.

24hr blackout

These short-lived power outages are quite common and most all of us have an easy time dealing with them. There is not too much preparation required here, it could be necessary just to keep on hand some flashlights and manage to pass the time, while waiting for the situation to be resolved.

1 to 7 days blackout

Severe snow or ice storm taking down trees and power lines could be the cause of power outages lasting from a day to perhaps a whole week. The main thing you should consider is that you will need at least a one-week supply of food and water to face this situation. Keep in mind that flashlights cannot power refrigerators and candles are fire hazards. In order to overcome the massive inconvenience caused by the blackout, it would be wise to invest in automatic home standby generators; those manufactured by PRAMAC automatically provide power for heating and electricity when is needed. When they sense a power outage, turn on automatically and deliver power to your home until utility power returns.

Modern conveniences that require electricity

This is a list of conveniences in your home or in your everyday life that require electricity to operate. Remember that, as the blackout time lengthens, you will need to think about substitutes or alternative power sources for most of the below mentioned items:

  • Lights
  • Oven - Stove - Microwave oven
  • Refrigerator - Freezer
  • Hot water heater - Dishwasher
  • Washing machine and dryer for clothes laundering
  • Air conditioning
  • Heating
  • Television (including delivery systems – Cable, Satellite)
  • Internet - Computer - Radio - Land line phones - Cell phones

Do not get caught off guard! Be prepared and choose a PRAMAC backup power system before the next blackout. For more information about our full range of products, visit

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